How much does a DJ cost?

“How much does a DJ cost?”. Are you about to book a DJ for a wedding, a party or a corporate event? If you are you want to know what you are getting for your money.

We all want value for money but we don’t want to lose out on quality. Choosing a DJ is not something we do every week so knowing what affects the price is very important.

If you’re based in the UK you can typically book a good DJ for around £400 but you will find some DJs quoting £200 and some quoting £600 or more. That’s a big variation so what’s the difference?


How much does a DJ cost – what do I get for my money?

How much does a DJ cost and what are the main factors that affect the price? The event itself is one of the main factors. DJs for parties invariably cost a lot less than DJs for weddings for example.

How much does a DJ cost? – How long will the DJ be needed for?

For a wedding, a DJ may have to set up many hours before he’s actually needed. He may also be required to provide background music during the meal and microphones for the speeches. Both these things considerably add to the time spent on site. A wedding DJ will typically allow 90 minutes to set up and one hour to dismantle (unless you have a lightweight mobile DJ with just a few lights). A DJ for a birthday party will need considerably less time. The time the event finishes will naturally affect the price quoted – there’s usually a premium after midnight.

How much does a DJ cost? – How much equipment is needed?

The amount of equipment required will be the next consideration. DJs have to bring three types of equipment: sound gear, lighting gear and optional items like haze machines, confetti cannons and bubble machines.

The quantity of lighting equipment used by your DJ will have a huge impact on the price quoted. A good DJ will bring along a wide selection of lighting to ensure he can capture the right mood at the right time. This is particularly true with a wedding where the range of moods across the evening is enormous.

But what if you have more than 2o0 guests? Well, in that case the quantity (and weight) of the sound equipment required will increase significantly.  With large events, more manpower is needed for get-in and set up. If you have more than 25o guests be very careful about the DJ you choose. Small lightweight sound rigs simply cannot cope with large audience numbers.

How much does a DJ cost? – How good is the sound equipment?

As a professional DJ for twenty years I find it surprising that I’m rarely asked about the quality of my sound equipment. “How much does a DJ cost’ is often the only question. Clearly,  one of the easiest ways for me to reduce prices is to simply use cheaper equipment. Many DJs works on the basis that their priority is lightweight equipment that’s very loud but doesn’t cost the earth. For you, the emphasis is different. It should be on the quality of the sound. Every sound equipment manufacturer makes speakers in at least five different price categories. Believe me – you will hear the difference.

How much does a DJ cost – How much should I pay for a good DJ?

Bearing these three things in mind will enable you to understand why there is such a variation in price. Surprisingly, the actual music itself is not a factor. All DJs have a huge range of music tracks available to them.

One thing you will not be able to measure from the quotes you receive is the personality and style of the DJ. Hopefully this will become clear once you have had a chat over the phone or met up to talk about your event over coffee.

In conclusion,  a typical wedding DJ is likely to cost you around £400 to £500.  Naturally, regional variations will apply but as with most things in life you get what you pay for. Experienced DJs with the best equipment will charge more but you will see and hear the difference.

I hope this blog will help you to ask your potential DJ the right sort of questions in order that you can compare prices and quality.

How much are DJs in the South of England? – well, if you live in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire have a look at my own DJ prices by clicking here.

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